Saturday, October 22, 2011

Examples of How We Illustrate, Write and Share Our Scientifc Understanding

The children have really done an amazing job of illustrating and writing about their observations of scientific ideas that we have explored. In the photos you will see how young children can illustrate an idea by illustrating. The children do an amazing job at sharing what they understand. As a teacher this is a great way for me to see what they comprehend about our topic of study. The technology tools available also help enhance our understanding as well. In the photos you see a child sharing a Maple leaf that she found. A few weeks ago we had a 4 Winds program about "Leafeaters". This child remembered what she had experienced and brought in a leaf with something living inside, a folded leaf! The SMARTboard and the document camera help the child to show us the details that are important to her. We were even able to use our MHOM(Math Habits of Mind) while she was sharing the leaf! We counted the points, noticed the features, color, etc.

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  1. Hands-on experience is invaluable! We are truly lucky to have this technology available for the children.