Audubon Outreach Programs

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Today the Audubon visited Kindergarten!  We explored outside and discovered many interesting things that are changing during the season of Fall!  We noticed seeds, animal sounds and homes.  We also noticed how the leaves are changing too!

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Today the Audubon visited Kindergarten!  Sophie took us outside where we explored the ground and trees looking for possible places where birds might go to build a nest.  We were able to listen to and identify 6 different types of bird calls.  We also had an opportunity to create our own bird nest too!

This was made possible thanks to the Williston Wins Fundraising Program organized by the FAP!  Thanks so much!
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The Secret Lives of Trees!
 We also learned 2 new college words!  Circumference and clinometer!  Ask your child/children what they mean!
This afternoon we had another wonderful visit from our friends at the Audubon!  We learned how to use some neat tools to measure the height and circumference of trees!  We walked outside to explore the trees on our playground.  Later we explored the life cycle of a tree and counted how many birth rings all of our tree cookies had.  Ask your child why each tree cookie had the same amount of birth rings!(hint: each cookie came from the same.....)
This program was possible due to the FAP, Williston Wins Program!

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Water and The Water Cycle!

This morning the Audubon visited Kindergarten!  We experimented with lots of different objects to see what would float.  We had great conversations about how heavy items sink and lighter objects float.  Then we discovered how some objects are light, but when they absorb liquid, they sink too!

All About The Birds!


The Audubon visited us and shared with us all the special features that birds have, the different nests that birds create and we even saw some real bird eggs!  Bird eggs are all different colors and sizes depending on the size of the adult bird. We enjoyed our visit with our bird experts!

The Secret Lives of Trees!
This afternoon the Audubon visited Kindergarten.  We learned about different types of trees, what can be made from a tree, different types of leaves and how to recognize a tree by it's features and characteristics!  We played a couple of fun games too!  One of the games helped us discover what is made from trees.  Another activity we did was to create a leaf rubbing.  That was really interesting because we could see close up all the parts of a leaf.

This afternoon we had the Audubon visit Kindergarten.  We focused on the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly and other insects.  The children learned about the features that an insect has; a head, an abdomen, a thorax, eyes and some have wings and pincher's!  We even transformed one of the children into a Monarch!  In the videos you will get to see us observing some Monarchs, playing Monarch Migration and identifying attributes of the bugs and insects we found at ABS.

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