Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birds! Birds! Birds!

This afternoon we had a great program called, beaks, feathers and Feet! The children learned about some of the specail features that birds have. We learned that all birds have a beak, feet, eyes, a neck, wings and feathers or fur.

Stations That Teach Us How Different Birds Eat Only Certain Types of Food

We did an amazing station this afternoon in 4 Winds. The children had to discover what scientific tools they could use to get food! This was a great activity as it showed us why certain types of birds can only eat certain types of food. This depends on the type of beak they have.

A Puppet Show About Birds!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Seltzer and Raisin Experiment!

This morning the children worked in cooperative groups to discover what happened to raisins when they were put into seltzer water. It was exciting to listen to all of the observations and predictions that were made. Be sure to ask your child about what they observed!

One of the children made a great observation! " The raisins were floating because there were bubbles underneath them pushing them up. " Wonderful!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Hot Chocolate Experiment!

This afternoon the children had an opportunity to be a scientist. Everyone was able to make predictions and observations about what they thought would happen and then what actually happened! The children had great observations about what happened to the hot coco when hot water and cold water were used. The hot water seemed to dissolve faster than the cold. Discussions were had about why this might happen.

*** The idea for this experiment is from another Kindergarten teacher(also a follower on this blog!) This is a great way to connect with others, reflect with your child about what you see and hear and to share/inspire other teachers. All it takes is an idea!*****