Observations of What We Find In Nature

Where Are The Caterpillars?

We enjoyed walking outside with a science buddy to investigate where we might find caterpillars.  We noticed that caterpillars live under the ground, in trees, on the grass and even in a garden.  We used our magnifying glasses to help us get a closer look!
 Caterpillars use their bodies to move around.  Some caterpillars have over 6 feet!

Our magnifying glasses help us get a closer look.  We noticed lots of special features too!
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Making Observations and Sharing Our Observations!
We have had a great week making observations about what we are exploring.

Maple Leaves and a Wasp Nest!

 Today a child brought in 2 large maple leaves!  She was able to show us what she noticed...  She noticed that they were the same size, they both also had the same number of points.  One of the leaves was folded.  We think that an insect is living inside.

Another child brought in a wasp nest!  The children noticed that the cells in the nest were shaped like a hexagon.  I asked them how they new: "A hexagon has 6 sides and 6 corners like this on!"  A great example of how we make mathematical connections!

 Observing The Features Of A Deciduous And A Coniferous Tree!

This morning we took a walk outside of our classroom to make observations about the types of trees we have at our school, special features and characteristics they have as well as what is on the ground under the branches.  Listen to what we discovered!

Today many of the children brought in some wonderful discoveries that they made while being outside.  One child found some crab legs while visiting the ocean.  Another child shared some living things that were found during Garden Club time at our school.  The children used the projector camera along with the SMARTboard to share their findings.  Scientific observations happen each day when we are outside playing, taking a walk or just by being outside.  I love listening to what the children feel is important to share and why about the natural world.
This video is taken from an iPad.  A child is making a connection with something he sees inside the container.

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