Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scientific Drawings Inspired By Gail Gibbons!

This week we have been reading stories about how apples grow and examining apples. The children are learning about the life cycle of an apple tree as well as how it provides food for us, animals and even home to some creatures.

When we create scientific drawings they are drawn with a pencil first and then we shade in the colors. We discovered that labels are also very helpful as it tells information about what we have drawn. We learned about this in a book called,"Apples" by, Gail Gibbons.

Another tool we use when we create scientific drawings is a magnifying glass. This helps us observe and examine carefully whatever we are drawing.

After we created our drawings we were able to use our document camera and our SMARTboard to explain what we drew! This was a nice way to share our ideas. The drawings are wonderful!

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